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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Providing a Great Haircut is just the cake, don't forget the icing to fully please your client, so they will come back!

The barber should interact with the client and provide them an opportunity to sit back and relax for a while. Your personality plays just as big a role in the hair cutting process as your hair cutting skills.

Create an inviting environment
It is an obvious fact that the customers come to your shop for the services. However, the environment of the salon is as much important as the services. All clients should receive a greeting as soon as they walk into the shop. If they need to wait then talk with them. Most barbers have a decent sense of humor and are not afraid to crack a joke. Customers will view your shop as a fun place to hang out instead of only having a haircut.

Ensure that the shop is properly clean
You need to pay an attention to the hygiene factor. The shop needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Moreover, tools and equipment like scissors, combs, and towel need to be cleaned properly so that your customers are not able to complain regarding this.

Offer consistent service
Always try to open the shop on time. If the last minute customer walks in, make every effort to honor their request for service even if you have to stay open a little while longer. You might receive a nice tip and acquire a loyal customer.

Make your shop comfortable
Make sure your barbershop has plenty of light. Keep the air conditioner in a good working order throughout the summer as well as use disinfectant so the shop smells clean.

Talk to the clients
Take an interest in the lives of the customers. Building a relationship will encourage them to return. Be friendly and sympathize with their problems. If they talk about family, you need to do the same.

Add these tips to your barber shop, to distinguish yourself from other barbers or barbershops. If the customers are satisfied with the services of your shop, they will themselves ask others to choose your shop. Set apart yourself from others with right strategies.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Do You Choose a Barber or a Stylist?

Once you know how to find a new barber or stylist, which do you choose?  The main difference between the two types of hair cutters is that barbers are typically trained to cut shorter, traditional haircuts for men while salon stylists are trained to cut longer and trendier styles, while both will be able to help you choose the perfect haircut.  A barber’s main focus is cutting men’s hair, while a stylist receives more training in the art of styling hair for women. With the industry trend moving toward more upscale barbershops and salons for men, the line between barbers and stylists is becoming blurred. Follow the tips below for choosing the right professional for your style.

Go to a barber if…
  • you want for a short, traditional style haircut such as a buzz cut, flattop, fade, or military style cut.
  • you want to keep it simple as barbers generally cut hair in a manner that allows it to look good naturally, without a lot of styling product.
  • you want a shave. Many upscale barbershops offer face shaves which are a real treat. Just do it. You won’t regret it.
Go to a salon stylist if…
  • you want something longer or trendier. Stylists generally have more experience cutting and styling longer hair and stay more current on the latest trends.
  • you want color as many barbers do not do color services.
  • you want some product. Upscale barbershops and men’s salons frequently carry a greater selection of hair styling products than barbershops.
The above guidelines are generalizations, so use your best judgement. Many of today’s barbers are skilled in longer and trendy styles while there are many stylists who are experts in cutting traditional barber styles.
Of course, knowing how to find a new barber or stylist is key to getting a great haircut.  Happy hunting!